We complete about 150 jobs per year, so these are just a small selection of previous projects:

42 Courtenay Crescent Long Beach (Dual Occupancy)

18 Blairs Road (Dual Occupancy)

87 Blairs Road Long Beach

49 Broomfield Crescent Long Beach

11 Broomfield Crescent Long Beach

16 Michener Court Long Beach

24 Mary Place Long Beach

6 Tallwood Crescent South Rosedale

36 Calton Road Batehaven

28 Smith Street Broulee (Addition)

5 Stony Creek Lane Mossy Point

3 Stony Creek Lane Mossy point

Corner Waterson Drive & Crosby Road Surf Beach

1 Clyde Boulevard Nelligen

115 Cors Parade North Batemans Bay

134 Cors Parade North Batemans Bay

96 Cors Parade North Batemans Bay

15 Wallaringa Street Surfside

26 Endeavour Avenue Malua Bay

18 Karoo Crescent Malua Bay

59 Iluka Avenue Malua Bay

11 Elandra Place Malua Bay

16 Wattlebird Way Malua Bay (Dual Occupancy)

7 Honeyeater Place Malua Bay

16 The Ridge Road Malua Bay

18 The Ridge Road Malua Bay

42 The Ridge Road Malua Bay

56 The Ridge Road Malua Bay

28 Waterson Drive Surf Beach

6 Tallwood Crescent South Rosedale

2 Shaw Place Guerilla Bay 

33 John Penn Drive Tomakin

32 John Penn Drive Tomakin

37 John Penn Drive Tomakin

30 Red Hill Parade Tomakin

1 Bada Lane Tomakin

3 Bada Lane Tomakin

7 Bagarin Avenue Tomakin

13 Bagarin Avenue Tomakin

28 Bagarin Avenue Tomakin

32 Bagarin Avenue Tomakin

1 Beachside Boulevard Tomakin

6 Beachside Boulevard Tomakin

12 Beachside Boulevard Tomakin

13 Beachside Boulevard Tomakin

26 Beachside Boulevard Tomakin

7 Bayside Street Broulee

33 Coronation Drive Broulee

37 Coronation Drive Broulee

69 Coronation Drive Broulee (Dual Occupancy)

13 Candlagan Drive Broulee (Addition)

18 Smith Street Broulee (Addition)

27 Smith Street Broulee

5 Oakwood Way Catalina

28 Millers Crescent Moruya Heads

5 Coronation Drive Moruya Heads



Solar with no upfront cost!
call Dale - 0435 719 722

Bush Fires - New Projects
Due to the large number of bush fire rebuilds, our lead time for starting new projects is now approximately May 2020.

Office Closure
Each year we head north to warmer climes for a couple of weeks. This year the office will be closed between the 15th and 30th July.
To arrange meetings for early August email me:


Fee comparisions
Lately I have had people query why my fees are often half of the fees quoted by other drafting companies.
Don't assume that because our fees are lower that you recieve a lower quality of service, if fact, quite the opposite is true.
Our experience (over 20 years) and best industry software, means we provide an efficient service that just takes less time. 
More fees usually means you're paying for other's less experience and poor quality software.

Looking to monitor DA progress?

update January 2019 - this function on the ESC website is currently down, ETA is  March for new tracking site.

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