BASIX Changes now in force

New changes to the energy rating process associated with new dwellings and renovations are now in place.
Expect additional costs for Consultant reports, increased Glazing and Insulation requirements, as well as manatory Solar Electrical Systems as of 1st January 2018.

Due to workload, we are no longer taking on renovation projects. This includes smaller jobs like decks, pools and sheds.

It's been a busy year so far, hence, we are currently looking at starting any new projects in March 2021.
Although we are always happy to discuss future projects and to meet on site in the meantime, so we can answer any questions and you can decide if you'd like to wait or find an alternative designer.

Solar with no upfront cost!
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Office Closure 2020
Christmas 2020 
We will be taking a long overdue break at the end of the year. The office will be closed from December 18th until March 1st 2021.

Fee comparisions
Lately I have had people query why my fees are often half of the fees quoted by other drafting companies.
Don't assume that because our fees are lower that you recieve a lower quality of service, if fact, quite the opposite is true.
Our experience (over 20 years) and best industry software, means we provide an efficient service that just takes less time. 
More fees usually means you're paying for other's less experience and poor quality software.

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